Convenient Healthy Foods! Can Your Hunger!

The go anywhere, anytime meal! Great tasting bread or crust, with delicious fillings and spreads! WOW!

Candwich-Made with the Best Ingredients

Active Life and Sports


By using technology developed for NASA and the US military and sealed in a container, Candwich products stay fresh and tasty for well over a year. 

Lots of Great Flavors


Pizza Pockets, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Honey BBQ, Fruit Turnovers, French Toast, Bacon Cheddar, wraps and more, with new flavors coming regularly.

Convenient healthy foods.


Look for Candwich in soft drink machines, keep them in your desk and car for fast meals. And it won't get crushed in your backpack. Or your kids backpack.



It's waterproof, it floats, and stays awesome. Be ready for the next hurricane, earthquake, or the next time your kids are hungry and late for soccer.

The One and Only! Can Your Hunger!


Made with the best ingredients. A nutritious alternative to junk food.

Oh Snap! It's Candwich!

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