1. What is Candwich?

    Candwich is a sandwich kit featuring pre-sliced whole wheat bread with a Peanut butter and Jelly packet in a convenient package.
2. How long will it stay fresh?
    Candwich will stay fresh up to 12 months at room temperature.
3. How does it stay fresh for so long without being frozen?
    Candwich uses the highest quality ingredients combined with the latest and best food technology to stay fresh. First, the pH, or acidity, is controlled in a specific range. Next, the bread is formulated with an optimal amount of water, also known as water activity. Finally, the bread is sealed in a foil wrap with an oxygen scavenger packet to remove oxygen.
4. Does Candwich use exotic preservatives?
    No, the ingredients in Candwich are commonly used and approved by the FDA and USDA.
5. Are there any other flavors?
    Yes, there are several other types of kits, pocket sandwiches and desserts ready to be introduced. (click here to sign up for new product alerts)